Leadership Consultancy Services

Supporting organisations, teams and individuals to improve business results.

Proven coaching methods to become a highly effective leader.

Bespoke training for teams to improve performance.

We work with integrity. We work with courageous people.

We love coaching, training and mentoring leaders and leadership groups to become highly effective executives and strong leaders, who inspire others to achieve great things.

We’re practical, pragmatic, and we know what works. Our solutions are highly tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Supporting Leadership

We specialise in training leaders from all levels and with differing abilities. We help raw recruits with potential to become generals! 

Coaching Executives

We help executives go from strength to strength, dealing with challenges and achieving their professional and personal aspirations.

Building Strong Teams

Our tailored team building programmes are enjoyable, and get results. We can help your workplace teams work well together.

Facilitating Gatherings

We facilitate clients’ meetings, seminars, training days, and workshops. We can run the day, or support you to make it a success.

Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to develop plans to guide their business direction. We help to set goals, allocate resources, identify gaps in capability and competencies, and manage change.

Conflict Management

Workplace conflict between individuals and organisations happens from time to time. We employ tools and techniques that achieve positive outcomes.

Testimonials and Featured Clients

Major Public Sector Agency

Project: Leadership Programme

We worked with the client and his team on a leadership programme to support the strategic realignment of their division. We developed a highly experiential programme with the input of experts across the business, creating a sense of ownership and commitment. Evaluation and 360 feedback data showed significant improvement in the agency’s three effectiveness measures – engagement with the vision, leadership and communication. Staff retention also stabilised in managerial roles and reporting lines.

Major Public Sector Agency

Project: Front-Line Leaders and Emerging Leaders

We designed and implemented a leadership programme which was tailored to support the foundations of the successful leadership careers within the agency. The programme design included face-to-face workshops, pre and post workshop tasks and discussion and trio coaching groups. Excellent feedback has been received from within the agency. Workshops are ongoing.

Local Body Council

Project: Team Building, Leadership Training, Workshop Facilitation

The client had developed a new process for creating and capturing performance objectives. As part of the development of their new system, a leadership programme was required for all managers. The workshop content expanded into a leadership essentials programme that was rolled out to new staff.