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Leadership Consultants, Wellington NZ

Tocker Associates provides leadership consultancy services. We’re based in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in leadership development and all aspects of strategic planning. Our experienced leadership consultants have been supporting workplace teams, leaders and managers in New Zealand since 1997.

We find the best way to get people working, and working together

Tocker Associates has a reputation for delivering proven results. We are the preferred provider of leadership consultancy services for many public sector organisations and private sector business clients, as well as not-for-profit organisations, sports agencies and aspiring leaders across New Zealand, and in Australia.

We work with organisations, businesses, and individuals to improve workplace performance, efficiency and productivity. We offer a range of services to achieve these outcomes for our clients, including training leaders, coaching executives and managers, facilitating workshops and meetings, managing conflict, providing strategic support, and building resilient workplace teams.

We translate theory into practice for our clients, and close the gap between strategy and real-life delivery. We give clarity and perspective, and provide a valuable objective viewpoint.

We grow the effectiveness of your teams and leaders

Tocker Associates provides tailored solutions for developing resilient workplace teams, especially in times of organisational change, when performance needs improving, or when conflict arises.

Our training, coaching, and mentoring for people with leadership aspirations effectively supports them on their learning journeys.

We use internationally accredited tools and research, and bring world-class expertise and cutting-edge thinking to our consulting. This gives our clients an advantage in their work, their workplace relationships, and in the marketplace.


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Supporting Leadership

We specialise in training leaders from all levels and with differing abilities. We help raw recruits with potential to become generals!

Coaching Executives

We help executives go from strength to strength, dealing with challenges and achieving their professional and personal aspirations.

Building Strong Team

Our tailored team building programmes are enjoyable, and get results. We can help your workplace teams work well together.

Facilitating Gatherings

We facilitate clients’ meetings, seminars, training days, and workshops. We can run the day, or support you to make it a success.