About us
The Tocker Associates Team

Our skills and expertise in the areas of leadership development, executive mentoring, conflict and change management, team building, and facilitation are widely recognised.

The values we abide by:

01. We work to have a positive impact.

02. We work with integrity.

03. We’re practical and pragmatic.

04. We’re committed to excellence.

The values we abide by:

01. We work to have a positive impact.

02. We work with integrity.

03. We’re practical and pragmatic.

04. We’re committed to excellence.

Certified Experts

Accredited in a range of internationally recognised leadership and team management tools

The Organisation Workshop

We’ve been running The Organisation Workshop with clients facing change and looking to grow and develop, with great results. Designed in Boston, US, this highly interactive and engaging programme is used internationally with organisations across all sectors and as part of leadership development programmes. It’s proven to support critical growth and change initiatives within organisations.

TMS Suite of Products

Team Management Systems – particularly the Team Management Index Profile (TMP/TMI) – is recognised as the foremost integrated system of work-based, research-proven assessments and feedback instruments worldwide. These support individuals, teams and organisations to effect positive and lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace.

The Lominger Leadership Architect SuiteⓇ of Products

The suite represents a collaboration of research-based findings and practical, user-friendly tools, applications and development solutions. It enables organisations to bridge the gap between the way most executive development systems are actually run, to the way research-based best practices in management indicate they should be run.

When Cultures Meet

When two organisations need to work as partners as the result of a merger or acquisition, or two business units within the same organisation have to collaborate, they may find they require help to integrate their two different cultures so they can work together effectively. When Cultures Meet is a one-day workshop that finds the unique strengths of each culture, and combines them into a powerful and effective whole.

DiSCⓇ Profiling

DiSCⓇ is a leading personal assessment tool that reports on the personality and behaviour of individuals. It’s non-judgmental and helps people to discuss their behavioural differences, resulting in improvements in work productivity, teamwork and communication.

Myers Briggs Type IndicatorⓇ

The MBTIⓇ is a practical tool for investigating personality type, and provides a dynamic framework for understanding individual differences and preferences. It helps clients to better comprehend the culture of their workplaces, develop new skills, understand their participation in teams, and cope with change at work.

360° Feedback Assessment & Values Style Profile

360 degree feedback involves a team member receiving anonymous, confidential feedback from the people who work around them, including their manager, peers, and direct reports. The Values Style Profile helps someone understand what internally motivates them and guides them in their decision making.

Appreciative Inquiry

An approach to resolving workplace conflict developed in the 1980s by a team at Cape Western Reserve University in Ohio, US. It enables resolution by focusing energy on what is working rather than what isn’t.

Hogan Assessments

These tools acknowledge that people don’t always fit in a box. Hogan’s four assessments offer the range of measurement required to understand people’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and their approach to problem solving – and accurately predict performance.

Gallup StrengthsFinder

The StrengthsFinder differentiates strengths from talents and preferences. It identifies the skills and attributes that someone uses, and provides information on how these can be leveraged effectively at a personal and organisational level.


A Team of People Development Experts



Ali is a leader of leaders. Working within the area of leadership and change for over 25 years.


Principal Associate

Sarah has been working as a coach and facilitator for over a decade.

Dallis Parker


Dallis specialises on various professional and leadership development courses over the past 12 years.



With a keen interest in organisational psychology and people analytics.



Leanne’s key focus is working with individuals to help them see their true self.



Pioneering work to leverage the power of the arts, diversity and creativity.



Tarapuhi’s expertise is grounded in cultural anthropology.



Jon specialises in uncovering human potential and building leadership capacity.

John Rainey-Smith


John has a broad business development and human resource skill-set.

Marni Stevenson

Principal Consultant

Marni has significant experience in building leaders and teams across both the private and public sector.

Stephen Waters


Stephen has extensive experience across industries in transformation consultancy and business performance.


Executive Assistant

Brenda Visser

Office Manager/Executive Assistant