Dallis Parker

An experienced coach, facilitator and instructor.

Dallis is an experienced coach, facilitator and instructor, having worked as an Associate with Tocker Associates on various professional and leadership development courses over the past 12 years. Dallis’ areas of expertise are behavioural change, leadership development, strategic and business planning, team management and leadership

Dallis has also run her own business and has a background in systems analysis training, developing training materials for national use. Dallis has worked as a facilitator in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, where she was contracted to design and deliver a staff safety training system.

Her organisational experience in marketing and sales management, IT and customer support give Dallis an understanding of the practical realities of implementing customer service improvements.

As an Instructor on the Professional Outward Bound Programmes Dallis works with individuals and team, supporting and challenging them to achieve their best. She is a lively, engaging person with the ability to build rapport with diverse audiences.