Principal Consultant

Frank O'Connor

A management and organisational consultant since 1986

Frank has been a member of the Instep team for several years and was Manager of Working Well’s national workplace initiatives.

Based in Wellington and regularly working in Auckland and Christchurch, Frank has been a management and organisational consultant since 1986, and a registered psychologist since 1987. He graduated Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Canterbury in 1983.

He provides fitness for work training and workplace consultancy, particularly in mental safety management and mental illness awareness; supervisor skills in identifying employee risk and aspects of fatigue management in the workplace. Frank researches, designs and delivers interventions to improve fatigue management, conflict resolution, behavioural health and workload management in a wide range of organisations.

Various methods are used to provide feedback to participants and employers on the wellbeing and fitness for work of employees and contractors. Frank works especially with ‘soft’ skills, adding to the value of people in their organisations as friction reduces and safety increases.

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