Jon Lasenby

Understanding of human learning and development.

Jon is an inspiring coach and facilitator, with over 20 years of experience helping people to realise their potential, often far exceeding their own expectations in the process.

Jon’s career started in elite sport (sailing), before leading into personal and professional development using the outdoors as the classroom. A master’s degree in outdoor education, experience in the NZ tertiary education sector, and two stints with Outward Bound, have deepened his understanding of human learning and development, as well as the psychology of adapting to challenge.

Jon now focuses full time on the intersection between the personal and the professional, as an Associate with Tocker, and in his own business.

“I enjoy seeing businesses and big organisations realise that executives are people too, and that if we help the person to be their best self, their performance, and that of their team and their organisation will improve too.”

Jon offers the following through Tocker Associates:

  • Coaching individuals
  • Building teams, whether at the start of a project, as a regular tune up, or when things need to change
  • Active learning – using activity to reinforce the learning agenda, and make it memorable
  • Bringing theory and research to life in ways that are practical and accessible
  • Designing training and development to meet customer needs and organisational culture
  • TMS Accreditation – delivering a full suite of psychometric tools