Leanne McLean

A trusted provider of exceptional relationship management.

With experience developing and managing teams, an understanding of human resources and culture building plus an ongoing career in executive recruitment, Leanne offers a different approach to career support and coaching. She has knowledge of the not for profit, Government and corporate sectors as a trusted provider of exceptional relationship management through working with an open, positive and creative heart.

Leanne’s key focus is working with individuals to help them see their true self and sharpen the difference they already make, allowing them to see themselves in a fresh and inspiring way. Through partnering with people, she leads them to their own personal career joy.

Leanne offers the following experiences through Tocker Associates:

  • Career Coaching
  • Curriculum Vitae development, including video CV production
  • Interview techniques and insights
  • Targeted organisation job application support
  • Establishing current market value
  • Remuneration advice and negotiation at offer
  • Communication skills
  • Mentoring
  • Influencing techniques

Leanne has provided coaching and direction to people for many years who have gone on to flourish with a new sense of self, making big differences to the environments they work within. With a stakeholder engagement background which began in advertising and marketing, many years at senior leadership level within the charitable sector and a steely focus on customer service, Leanne’s coaching is all about helping others see themselves with renewed meaning.