Principal Consultant

Marni Stevenson

An experienced Learning & Organisational Development Practitioner.

Marni has significant experience in building leaders and teams across both the private and public sector. 

She is a highly experienced facilitator and adult educator with several years in Senior Leadership roles in the secondary and tertiary education sectors. She is a passionate coach who has supported leaders across the public sector to drive performance and innovation.

Marni’s speciality is in assisting organisations to understand and operationalise wellbeing, improve workplace culture and to help build psychologically safe workplaces. She loves helping leaders and their teams develop tools and strategies to better navigate relationships, workload, challenges, change and conflict in order to show up as their best selves.

Marni has had experience in supporting organisations to build strategy to increase engagement, collaboration, build people capability, cultivate an organisational Growth Mindset and the development of people-centric policy.

She is engaging in studies to become an organisational psychologist, is part way through Certification in Coaching with Growth Coaching International and is an active researcher and writer. 

Formal qualifications:

  • Certified Restorative Practices Facilitator
  • Certified Adult Education Practitioner
  • NZ Registered teacher

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