Tarapuhi Vaeau

Develop and facilitate tailored design thinking processes.

Tarapuhi is experienced in developing and facilitating tailored design thinking processes that support sustainable, human centred transformation. She has worked with government and business leaders to understand customer experiences and develop insights that support sustainable strategic and service based transformation and meet multiple needs in a business ecosystem.

Tarapuhi’s expertise is grounded in cultural anthropology. Her deep understanding of how culture operates allows her to develop and socialise insights in ways that gently challenge assumptions and develops more inclusive and innovative environments. Her academic research has been recognised as being at the forefront of anthropology in Aotearoa. She focuses on inequality, wellbeing and opportunities for services to enable empowering experiences.

Tarapuhi offers the following experiences through Tocker Associates:

  • Design thinking
  • Empathy research
  • Customer and staff experience research
  • System mapping
  • Collaborative service design
  • Cultural competency mentoring
  • Equity audits