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Conflict Management and Support

Minimise the negative outcomes.

We work with organisations to provide effective solutions for managing and resolving workplace conflict that minimise the negative outcomes of conflict and promote the positive outcomes, with the goal of enhancing learning. We also offer coaching around conflict management.

Conflict between two individuals in the workplace, or between two organisations, such as when two government departments are collaborating across a sector, might involve competing priorities and agendas.

Conflict management in practice

We come in and talk to all the parties involved – either individually or together – and work our way through the conflict. The parties agree on an outcome and we guide the process toward it.

Sometimes we use the Appreciative Inquiry tool in our conflict management work, and to achieve a solution for resolving conflict so everyone can work effectively together.

Workplace conflict as an opportunity

We support staff, teams and leaders to discuss challenging topics through times of workplace conflict and difficulty.

  • We work with all parties to understand the underlying issues around conflict.
  • We provide tools and ideas for managing conflict within day-to-day situations.
  • We offer processes and frameworks to help you achieve conflict resolution in tough situations.

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