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Leadership Training and Development

Given the right leadership training, leadership is a skill that can be learned.

With our organisational worlds in constant flux, leadership is about developing the ability to integrate multiple viewpoints, and take action. Effective leadership is also increasingly about building partnerships.

Powerful leaders and leadership groups can have a significant, positive effect on the performance of an organisation, and on the motivation of its workplace teams. This leads to long-lasting business success.

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to achieve extraordinary things.”
– Sir Edmund Hillary

Developing leadership qualities

Tocker Associates grows our clients’ leadership capabilities by providing both in-house leadership development programmes, and one-on-one leadership training.

We design end-to-end leadership training solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they’re individuals, groups, or organisations.

To customise your solution, we’ll work with you to gain a thorough understanding of what you require, your focus areas, and what you want to develop. We can evaluate competency using internationally proven tools and techniques, and use the results to determine the deliverables of your leadership training.

Customised leadership programmes

We run two or 10-day leadership development programmes targeted at a specific group in an organisation. Our programmes are tailored to the needs of the organisation we’re working with, and aligned to the strategic requirements of that organisation, or to the development and capability requirements of a team or cohort.

Our customised leadership programmes include workbook development, workshop and meeting facilitation, follow-up coaching, and evaluation.

We work in outdoor and indoor settings – we can take you into the great outdoors or into the boardroom and get measurable results that stick, and which contribute to the growth of your organisation.

What results can you expect from our leadership training?

We’ve had the effectiveness of our leadership programmes independently assessed, and the results are clear – we do make a difference! Our programmes are discussed by participants well after they have finished, and we’ve seen clients make huge leaps in understanding, practice, and career development, based on what we’ve done with them.

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