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Meeting Facilitation

We’re your meeting facilitation experts.

Whether you’re planning an away day, team building activities, a sector or industry-wide meeting, or just want an external view for your get-together, we can help you with our experience in meeting and workshop facilitation. We can add structure and consistency to your session. We can smooth the way for constructive engagement, allowing everyone to participate effectively.

We can deliver a fun and captivating programme lasting for a few hours, or up to several days, depending on what you need. Tell us what your best end result would be and we’ll plan a session to get you there.

We can lead the day and provide shape, or we can support your plan and provide simple facilitation. Whether you are after someone to run your meeting or workshop or whether you want someone to ask questions and test your thinking, we can help you get the results you need.

How we can help you with meeting and workshop facilitation

Strategic brainstorming

We’ll bring your senior managers together to discuss the major issues facing the business.

Team days

We can run planning or team days out for your crew that will be memorable, fun, and inspiring.

Executive or senior leadership sessions

As we’re familiar with executive and leadership development, we’re in the right place to facilitate specialised learning sessions for senior managers.

Action Learning Groups

An Action Learning Group is a powerful development option for managers and leaders that helps them to act and to learn from their actions. We have the experience to facilitate meetings of these groups.

Tailored workshops

We can run or facilitate tailored workshops consisting of client-specific training sessions, customised to your needs and timetable.

Feedback and debrief sessions

We are experienced at facilitating formal feedback sessions about the performance of a team member, and team debriefs to reflect on a recent event.

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