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Strategic Planning and Change Management

Identify where you want to go – the big picture.

Strategic planning is crucial to the success of all types of businesses and organisations, as well as departments and divisions within them.

Strategic planning involves identifying where you want to go – the big picture – then making sure you have the structural and organisational capability to achieve your goal. There is no one size fits all with this process, and that’s where our experience can be most beneficial.

How we can help you with business strategic planning

We work with our clients to develop plans and actions that take them forward.

We take the time to get to know your business, your dreams and goals, so we can customise strategic planning support that will help you clearly identify your mission, vision, and values, and deliver the best plan to guide the future direction of your business. We have a range of useful tools to help identify the steps to take to get the strategic results you need.

To put your plan into action, we’ll help you set priorities, allocate resources, identify gaps in capability and competencies, and manage change.

Practical strategic planning and business advice:
We can work at any level of your organisation to create a strategic plan in one to three facilitated days, that you can put in place straight away, with outcomes measurable by you. We’ll check in with you three and six months down the track. Or if you are a large, complex organisation, we can partner with you for between 12 months and 10 years to create and implement your strategic plan.

Managing strategic change

A strategic change might include shifts in a business’s policies, target market, mission, or organisational structure. Maybe there’s a new CEO at the helm, or a new Minister has come into office. We can effectively support you through the change process, so that your whole organisation moves ahead with confidence and purpose. We can customise a staged approach over a period of time.

Organisational and individual development

We can assess the capability required to deliver your strategic plan and where that capability resides within your organisation.

If there is a gap between where you are and where you need to be in terms of capability, we can develop a competency framework to define the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for the people within your organisation, relative to your strategic plan.

We can identify what skills to target and develop, and create a transition strategy for roles. We might need to know who are the people managers and who is going to be influencing the thinking in the business. A competency framework can identify the skills relevant to these roles. We rely upon the Lominger tool to help us achieve practical solutions.

Organisational design:
Is your organisation experiencing problems like losing revenue, disinterested employees, or poor customer service? We can help you to realign the structure of your business to achieve your strategic goals.

Other areas of business strategy work we can help with:

  • Future focusing for your organisation
  • Performance management
  • Workplace efficiency
  • Management development
  • Diagnostics and tools
  • Assessment of NZQA qualifications

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