We Find Practical Ways to Help Your Organisation Grow

The services we provide are the result of decades of experience in leadership support and business management, backed by our involvement with cutting-edge research. We are constantly learning, and improving what we offer, so we can ensure that our clients receive lasting value.

Our goals for our services are to have a positive impact, and to work with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

How we operate:

  • Working from strengths is the most effective way to develop people.
  • Learning is most effective when it’s relevant and useful.
  • We customise services with our clients rather than trundling out off-the-shelf solutions.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing people’s potential, especially leaders.
  • We work with a view to creating long-term results for our clients – encouraging small, regular changes that create significant, lasting improvement.

Our expertise with proven tools and techniques helps to find the best practical outcomes for our clients, that can be clearly measured for effectiveness against the agreed strategic approach.

We have a reputation for being lively and fun to work with, while at all times being completely professional. We’re trusted for the personal approach we take to working with our clients.

We deliver services to support all levels – from individuals to large organisations – and offer the following service areas:

Coaching Executives

We provide practical, effective coaching for executives and managers that builds on your strengths and which is led by you. We’ll help you make changes that have a lasting effect on both professional and personal fronts.

Developing Leaders

Our leadership effectiveness training helps individuals, organisations and workgroups make giant strides in their capabilities. Either two or 10 days long, our programmes are customised to meet the strategic needs of an organisation.

Building Effective Teams

Our tailored teamwork activities encourage people to work together toward a common goal. We design meaningful programmes that combine group activity, games and challenges that are both fun and rewarding.

Facilitating Workshops & Meetings

We facilitate away days for teams, planning days, and we can chair seminars. Or we can help with a gathering such as a sector-wide meeting when all the industry training bodies get together and need someone neutral to facilitate.

Planning Strategically

We work with our clients to develop plans to guide their business direction. We help to set goals, allocate resources, identify gaps in capability and competencies, and manage change. We use tools such as Lominger to help identify the steps to take to get the strategic results you need.

Managing & Resolving Conflict

Workplace conflict between individuals and organisations happens from time to time. We employ tools and techniques that achieve positive outcomes, and also provide tailored coaching in conflict management.